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Open source software solution for industrial measurement (metrology, laser tracker, quality control)

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Welcome to the website of OpenIndy -
An Open source software solution for industrial measurement

Latest News

OpenIndy version 0.2.1 online

The version 0.2.1 of OpenIndy is now available. It is an alpha version and is therefor not intended for productive use, yet. Nevertheless you may play around with it and maybe even give use feedback. OpenIndy is delivered with a default plugin which contains basic functionality for fitting geometries like planes, circles, spheres etc.. Furthermore there is a virtual laser tracker implementation available which simulates a real laser tracker. If you have got any questions please do not hesitate to send us a mail. You may download the source and the compiled binaries (Windows 7 32bit) here. ...


A short overview of OpenIndy

OpenIndy is …

  • Open Source - easy customization and expansion
  • User friendly - clear graphical user interface and table view
  • Honestly - all analysis processes are transparent and their results fully visible
  • Accurately - consistent implementation of variance propagation
  • Compatibility - a multiplatform software for Windows, Mac and Linux

For whom is it intended? ...