Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Coi::AccuracyThe Accuracy class Save information about the accurycy of a sensor
 Coi::BoundingBox_PCThe BoundingBox_PC class
 Coi::math::ChooseLALibThe ChooseLALib class
 Coi::ConnectionConfigThe ConnectionConfig class Save all information needed to connect a sensor
 Coi::FeatureAttributesThe FeatureAttributes class Helper class that is used when creating new features to specify their attributes
 Coi::FeatureContainerThe FeatureContainer class Works as a container for all features in an OiJob. The features are stored as lists and also as maps (e.g. with their id as key). The lists and maps are kept in sync
 Coi::FixedParameterThe FixedParameter class Save a value for each parameter that shall be fixed
 Coi::InputElementThe InputElement class Save the input elements that are used to solve a function
 Coi::math::LinearAlgebraThe LinearAlgebra class
 Coi::math::LAArmadilloThe LAArmadillo class LinearAlgebra implementation using the armadillo library
 Coi::MeasurementConfigThe MeasurementConfig class Contains all the configuration parameters needed to start a measurement
 Coi::NeededElementThe NeededElement class Save the needed element types that are necessary to solve a function
 Coi::math::OiMatThe OiMat class
 Coi::OiRequestResponseThe OiRequestResponse class This class holds the XML request and response corresponding to a special request type
 Coi::math::OiVecThe OiVec class
 Coi::PluginThe Plugin class
 Coi::Point_PCThe Point_PC class
 Coi::ElementThe Element class
 Coi::FeatureThe Feature class
 Coi::CoordinateSystemThe CoordinateSystem class
 Coi::GeometryThe Geometry class
 Coi::CircleThe Circle class
 Coi::ConeThe Cone class Defines a right circular cone
 Coi::CylinderThe Cylinder class Defines a right circular cylinder
 Coi::EllipseThe Ellipse class
 Coi::EllipsoidThe Ellipsoid class Defines an ellipsoid of rotation
 Coi::HyperboloidThe Hyperboloid class Defines a single shell hyperboloid of rotation of the form 1 = x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2 - z^2/c^2, a=b>0, c>0
 Coi::LineThe Line class
 Coi::NurbsThe Nurbs class
 Coi::ParaboloidThe EllipticParaboloid class Defines an elliptic paraboloid of rotation of the form z = x^2/a^2 + y^2/a^2, a > 0
 Coi::PlaneThe Plane class
 Coi::PointThe Point class
 Coi::PointCloudThe PointCloud class
 Coi::ScalarEntityAngleThe ScalarEntityAngle class
 Coi::ScalarEntityDistanceThe ScalarEntityDistance class
 Coi::ScalarEntityMeasurementSeriesThe ScalarEntityMeasurementSeries class
 Coi::ScalarEntityTemperatureThe ScalarEntityTemperature class
 Coi::SlottedHoleThe SlottedHole class Defines an elongated bore with one radius
 Coi::SphereThe Sphere class
 Coi::TorusThe Torus class Defines a torus of rotation
 Coi::StationThe Station class
 Coi::TrafoParamThe TrafoParam class
 Coi::ObservationThe Observation class
 Coi::PositionThe Position class
 Coi::RadiusThe Radius class
 Coi::ReadingThe Reading class
 Coi::ExchangeInterfaceThe OiExchangeInterface class Base class for implementing import/export plugins
 Coi::ExchangeDefinedFormatThe OiExchangeDefinedFormat class Interface that shall be used for files with a special standardized format (like *.obj or *.pts etc.)
 Coi::ExchangeSimpleAsciiThe ExchangeSimpleAscii class Interface that shall be used for simple not standardized ascii files. The user of OpenIndy can select the meaning of each column of the file on his own
 Coi::FunctionThe Function class
 Coi::ConstructFunctionThe ConstructFunction class Function that solves geometries by constructing them from other elements
 Coi::FitFunctionThe FitFunction class Function that solves geometries by fitting them using observations
 Coi::GenerateFeatureFunctionThe GenerateFeatureFunction class Function that uses its input elements to generate one or more new feature
 Coi::GeodeticFunctionThe GeodeticFunction class for future use only
 Coi::ObjectTransformationThe ObjectTransformation class Function that changes a previously solved feature by using other elements
 Coi::SystemTransformationThe SystemTransformation class Functions that solves transformation parameters between two coordinate systems (station-station, part-part, alignments)
 Coi::NetworkAdjustmentThe NetworkAdjustment class Interface for implementing network adjustment plugins
 Coi::OiJobThe OiJob class Represents an OpenIndy job (holds all features and active states)
 Coi::SensorThe Sensor class
 Coi::LaserTrackerThe LaserTracker class
 Coi::TotalStationThe TotalStation class
 Coi::SensorControlThe SensorControl class A sensor control object belongs to a station and executes all sensor actions on a seperate thread
 Coi::SensorListenerThe SensorListener class The sensor listener handles all sensor streams and is controlled by SensorControl
 Coi::SimulationModelThe SimulationModel class Interface for creating an uncertainty model for a simulation in OpenIndy. You can provide four major error influences (sensor, object, enviroment and human)
 Coi::ReadingCartesianThe ReadingCartesian class
 Coi::ReadingDirectionThe ReadingDirection class
 Coi::ReadingDistanceThe ReadingDistance class
 Coi::ReadingLevelThe ReadingLevel class
 Coi::ReadingPolarThe ReadingPolar class
 Coi::ReadingTemperatureThe ReadingTemperature class
 Coi::ReadingUndefinedThe ReadingUndefined class
 Coi::ResidualThe Residual class
 Coi::math::RotationThe Rotation struct Struct that represents a rotation around one of the three coordinate axes
 Coi::math::RotationChainThe RotationChain class
 Coi::ScalarInputParamsThe ScalarInputParams class Save user specified non-element scalar function input parameters
 Coi::SensorAttributesThe SensorAttributes class
 Coi::SensorConfigurationThe SensorConfiguration class
 Coi::SimulationConfigurationThe SimulationConfiguration class
 Coi::SimulationDataThe SimulationData class Save simulation results for a geometry
 Coi::StatisticThe Statistic class
 Coi::UncertaintiesThe Uncertainties class
 Coi::UncertaintyComponentThe UncertaintyComponent class Describe an uncertainty component of a simulation model
 Coi::UncertaintyDataThe UncertaintyData class Save information about simulation results for one geometry parameter