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Open source software solution for industrial measurement (metrology, laser tracker, quality control)

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The following change log represent all the changes fixes and new features of the new OpenIndy version 0.9.3. The version is available in the download section of the homepage.

change log

    OpenIndy - Version build_0.9.3_18


  • fixed drop down menus to display more text
  • Create function line from two lines
  • added rectify to point for lines and cylinders
  • improved temperature compensation
  • Origin vector vector and others now have a default setting for primary axis (+Z) and secondary axis (+X)
  • create function line from position and vector


  • fix presentation of scalar entities
  • Observations and readings in show properties dialog can now be sorted by their ID
  • removed unused special formats from import nominal dialog
  • rework settings of simple ascii import


  • improve presentation of scalar entities if their dependencies are not valid
  • fixed a bug calculating an angle between two identical vectors
  • improve temperature compensation of alignments
  • remove unused table columns in feature settings
  • fixed a bug to display the time stamp if measurements
  • fixed a bug playing sounds when measuring