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Open source software solution for industrial measurement (metrology, laser tracker, quality control)

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The following change log represent all the changes fixes and new features of the new OpenIndy version 0.13.0. The version is available in the download section of the homepage.

    release notes - OpenIndy - Version 0.13.0_22


  • new feature: create actual at nominal import
  • new feature: overwrite existing points at import
  • new feature: in settings you can now choose if the programm skips automatically to the next feature
  • new feautre: default bundle on program start
  • new feature: creating a feature by measuring its nominal feature will not change the order of the job
  • new feature: new features start counting with 1 and not with 0
  • new feature: activate station by right clicking them
  • new feature: when creating a new station they have a default name
  • new feature: bundle- transformation parameters now have their own tableview in the bundle- tab, to gain more overview
  • new feature: changed Panda export to new specifications
  • new feature: updating view after nominal import, so you can directly see the imported values
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  • new feature: automatically update column and row size after nominal import
  • new feautre: it is possible to delete transformation parameters
  • new feature: updated splash screen


  • fixed bug: radian of sphere was shown in wrong unit