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Open source software solution for industrial measurement (metrology, laser tracker, quality control)

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Version 0.5.0-13 is now online on github. The new released version includes all laser tracker types of the common manufacturers and supports their functionality (for Leica Lasertrackers, only AT401 /AT402 are supported). Additional to the implemented laser trackers this version also provides an amount of functionality to measure basic geometries, make three- dimensional analysis with this gathered data, and construct more geometries out of the measured ones. Also you can check angles and distances between geometries and measure / use level information of the laser tracker to use for adjustments and evaluations.

You have different possibilities to transform your tracker data to an defined coordinate system. To do this you have the option to use different Best-Fit Functions or you can use some geometry based transformations (e.g. planes, lines, level).

If you have got any questions please do not hesitate to send us a mail.

You may download the source and the compiled binaries (Windows 7 32bit/ 64bit) here.